Why do I write?

I write to set my world on fire, to give meaning to the in-between, to those moments so gray we sometimes don’t even remember. I find that there’s beauty in them, and in that beauty lies a story. We are all Poets in our own right, we are all survivors within our own existence, and I feel that I am simply a man who chooses to voice those things that are caged within. Ranging from beauty to the pain, to all those simplistic moments and dilemmas that stop me to question my equivocal human condition. We are all vulnerable and that vulnerability makes us relatable to one another. That common taste of despair in some aspect of life brings us to the understanding of Art and that makes us all Artists.

Deeply, we are all just storytellers, and I write to not only tell my story but to shine light on the stories that I uncover and move me to a stop. So as my path unfolds and as my adventures get conquered I hope to shine light on all these things. Claiming the things that this world changes in me and the emotions that mold me while still contemplating the beauty and pain of the things that get away.

                                      – R.T. Sosa



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